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Rev Rene is in the 10 most cited periodicals of Latin America, according to Cuiden


Rev Rene is in the 10 most cited periodicals of Latin America, according to Cuiden Citación We are inviting you to the submission of articles, which the medium deadline for publication is in four months. The periodical receives articles in languages such as English, Portuguese and Spanish, it has a bimonthly periodicity and uses a digital certification, the DOI (Digital Object Identifier) which allows article access and sharing to the world cientific community. It is indexed on the following data base: BVS, Rev@Enf, CUIDEN, LILACS, CINAHL, PERIÓDICA, LATINDEX, EBSCO publishing, Portal Periódicos CAPES, REDALYC, and CrossRef.


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Vol 17, No 2 (2016)

Table of Contents


Common home: our responsibility, our survival PDF
Michell Ângelo Marques Araújo 154

Articles of Research

Indicators of pleasure/pain in hygiene and cleaning outsourced workers of a university hospital PDF
Liana Bohrer Berni, Carmem Lúcia Colomé Beck, Francine Cassol Prestes, Rosângela Marion da Silva, Susan Bublitz, Fabricio Lamb 155-164
Changes in management actions after the Hospital Accreditation PDF
Andréia Guerra Siman, Simone Graziele Silva Cunha, Maria José Menezes Brito 165-175
Nursing diagnoses in women deprived of freedom PDF
Izabelle de Freitas Ferreira, Tatiane Gomes Guedes, Sheila Coelho Ramalho Vasconcelos Morais, José Cristovam Martins Vieira, Marcelle Guimarães de Mello, Francisca Márcia Pereira Linhares 176-182
Facsimile imagery analysis on the history of acquired immunodeficiency syndrome PDF
Margarida Maria Rocha Bernardes, Antonio Marcos Tosoli Gomes, Fernando Rocha Porto, Érick Igor dos Santos, Sonia Helena da Costa Kaminitz 183-190
Quality of life of people with diabetic foot PDF
Pedro Martins Lima Neto, Paulo Henrique Silva de Lima, Francisco Dimitre Rodrigo Pereira Santos, Layane Mota de Souza de Jesus, Raina Jansen Cutrim Propp Lima, Leonardo Hunaldo dos Santos 191-197
Access to Papanicolaou Test by the Unified Health System users PDF
Vanessa Franco de Carvalho, Nalú Pereira da Costa Kerber, Vanessa Andréia Wachholz, Flávia Conceição Pohlmann, Letícia Amico Marques, Fabiane Ferreira Francioni 198-207
Use of abbreviations in the nursing records of a teaching hospital PDF
Sylvia Miranda Carneiro, Herica Silva Dutra, Fernanda Mazzoni da Costa, Simone Emerich Mendes, Cristina Arreguy-Sena 208-216
Perception and impact of pain in the lives of elderly patients with oncological diseases PDF
João Evangelista da Costa, Clélia Albino Simpson, Ana Elza Oliveira de Mendonça, Deyla Moura Ramos Isoldi, Rayanne Suelly da Costa Silva, Nayanne Ricelli da Costa Silva 217-224
Intensity of climacteric symptoms in postmenopausal women PDF
Thaiene Rodrigues dos Santos, Sandra Valéria Martins Pereira, Renato Lopes Santos 225-232
Feelings of nurses in the reception and risk classification evaluation in the emergency room PDF
Andressa Midori Sakai, Mariana Angela Rossaneis, Maria do Carmo Fernandez Lourenço Haddad, Denise da Silva Scaneiro Sardinha 233-241
Evaluation of educational strategy, grounded on problem-based learning on nursing undergraduate PDF
Miriam Fernanda Sanches Alarcon, Kelly Holanda Prezotto 242-249
The everyday of people waiting for kidney transplantation PDF
Micheli Rezende Ferreira Cruz, Anna Maria de Oliveira Salimena, Ivis Emília de Oliveira Souza, Maria Carmen Simões Cardoso de Melo 250-259
Profile of users intoxicated by drugs of abuse and association with death PDF
Lúcia Margarete dos Reis, Aroldo Gavioli, Flavia Antunes, Michele Cristina Santos Silvino, Natalina Maria da Rosa, Magda Lúcia Félix de Oliveira 260-267
Perceptions of students on the physical exams in clinical nursing practice PDF
Maria de Fátima Lima de Oliveira, Waldemar Brandão Neto, Andrea Rosane Sousa Silva, Ana Virgínia Rodrigues Veríssimo, Ana Márcia Tenório de Souza Cavalcanti, Estela Maria Leite Meirelles Monteiro 268-277
Participation of elderly in social groups: quality of life and functional capacity PDF
Denise Akemi Simões de Oliveira, José Roberto Andrade do Nascimento Júnior, Sônia Maria Marques Gomes Bertolini, Daniel Vicentini de Oliveira 278-284
Strategies used by nursing technicians to face the occupational suffering in an emergency unit PDF
Alessandra Bassalobre Garcia, Maria do Carmo Fernandez Lourenço Haddad, Mara Solange Gomes Dellaroza, Fernanda Ludmilla Rossi Rocha, Paloma de Souza Cavalcante Pissinati 285-292
Conceptions of parents of adolescent students about the sexuality of their children PDF
Pollyanna de Siqueira Queirós, Laurena Moreira Pires, Marcos André Matos, Ana Luiza Neto Junqueira, Marcelo Medeiros, Márcia Maria de Souza 293-300
Practices of healthcare professionals from the perspective of older adults living with cancer PDF
Lucimara Sonaglio Rocha, Margrid Beuter, Eliane Tatsch Neves, Juliane Elis Both, Miriam da Silveira Perrando, Larissa Venturini 301-308

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