Child and adolescent´s life quality: bibliographic review

Rejane Marie Barbosa Davim, Raimunda Medeiros Germano, Rejane Millions Viana Meneses, Djailson José Delgado Carlos, Janmilli da Costa Dantas


This bibliographic review aimed at analyzing the abstracts of scientifi c articles about child and adolescent’s quality of life. The data were collected at Medline and Lilacs, from 2000 to 2007. The sample consisted of 271 abstracts which were analyzed in the following aspects: year of publication, the country in which the study was carried out and type of study. We concluded that although the number of publication about the theme is increasing in the world, mainly in the United States of America, England and Brazil, there isn’t still a lot of research on the subject.

Keywords: Quality of life; Child; Adolescent


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